America’s postal employees

America’s postal employees are still pressing Congress to
Save America’s Postal Service.

We have a lot more work to do.

Stay tuned.

On Tuesday afternoon, September 27, thousands of members of the four employee unions of the United States Postal Service

• American Postal Workers Union
• National Association of Letter Carriers
• National Postal Mail Handlers Union
• National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association

—joined forces with our families, friends and members of our communities to send a message to the nation and its Congress.

Also joining us was the the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS). Click here to read their entire statement.

Our purpose during these informational rallies was to visit the home office of each member of the House of Representatives, to thank those members who have signed on as co-sponsors of H.R. 1351, a bill that addresses the financial crisis facing the Postal Service, and to encourage those who have not signed as co-sponsors of H.R. 1351 to do so.

Benefits Of Bridge Loans To Investors

bridge financingBusiness people and investors usually need access to different kinds of loans. However, some loans have benefits that are different from other loans. It is therefore important that all customers of financial institutions such as banks and other organizations understand the different kinds of loans available to them and how these can benefit them. In certain circumstances, for example, an investor or a business person may need a loan such as the bridge Loans. A bridge loan basically is a loan that is advanced to customers of financial institutions awaiting a larger loan for a certain project so they may access immediate cash/

It is important to have access to different kinds of financial products and loans are important in many ways. Credit, for example, can be used to provide an investor or business person an opportunity to advance their interests. The bridge Loans can come in very handy to their users because they provide immediate cash to those who need it the most. A person looking to sell their own property such as a home or other real estate property may need  bridge financing as they wait for the sale of their home to go through. This way, they will receive cash in advance to invest or spend in any way they desire.

A business person may wish to construct a building or put up a capital intensive project. The finance for such a project may not be immediately forthcoming due to red tape, financial constraints or other reasons. This then means it is possible to access a bridge loan and use it as a large loan is awaited. Once this large funding is received, it can be used to offset the initial loan which was obtained to start a project. Such benefits are available to all customers of finance organizations.


Learn more about finance at http://financialservices.house.gov/

What You Need To Know About Alcohol Treatment

Drug and alcohol abuse can destroy your life.  Fortunately, there is a solution.  Alcohol treatment can make a difference.

A person does not make a conscious choice to become addicted.  After you begin using mind-altering substances, you find you no longer have control over whether or not you use it.  This does not mean you are a weak person, or that you do not have any will-power.  Mind-altering substances can be stronger than a person’s ability to make a rational choice.  Your body and mind have become accustomed to the effects of the drug.

An alcohol treatment program can help you get sober, but it can do much more.  check out the addiction treatment salt lake city has to offer and let it affect your entire life.  Your health, relationships, attitudes, and behaviors, are all affected by addiction.  While it is difficult for a person to get sober and stay sober without assistance, these other factors make a treatment program necessary if you want to recover.

When you choose an alcohol rehab, you can look forward to positive changes in your life.  As each person is an individual, you will find the ideal recovery program for your needs.  This begins with an individual assessment before you begin treatment, and a discharge plan to help you stay sober after treatment.

Residential treatment offers comprehensive treatment, so you have the best chance of recovery.  In a comfortable environment, you will meet other addicts who want drug-free lives.  Every day will be a learning experience that helps you move closer to your goal of a happy, fulfilling life without drugs and alcohol.

No matter what stage of substance abuse you are in, treatment is the answer.  You may have been addicted for a long period of time, and are ready to give up hope.  You may still be in the experimenting stage, and want to stop before it creates serious problems.

Substance abuse does not have to ruin your health, your life, or opportunities for a future.  Whether you believe you cannot quit, or do not know what a drug-free life would be like, now is the time to reach out for help.

The most important point you need to know about drugs is you do not control them, they control you.  The second point is you deserve something better.  You do not need to take another drink, and give in to your addiction.  Instead, you can call an alcohol treatment center, and prepare for a better life.

Benefits Of Body Wraps

body wrapsBody wraps provide an all-natural means of enhancing and moisturizing the skin, ridding the body of excess water or simply providing the body with a rejuvenating treatment.  In essence, it works body wraps can do wonders for the overall appearance of an individual.

These special wraps are designed to enhance the appearance and texture of the skin by eliminating toxins and excess fluid from the body.  In addition, this technique serves as treatment for the unsightly appearance of cellulite and firms loose skin.

Benefits of Body Wraps

These wraps provide a number of different benefits that include contouring, detoxification, boosting the metabolism and lymphatic system and skin softening.  Body wraps that utilize seaweed, algae, clay or mud are detoxification treatments that assist in eliminating toxins from the body by way of metabolic stimulation.  While body wraps that use rich lotions and Shea butter are hydrating treatments that are geared towards moisturizing the skin.  Individuals who have had body wrap treatments may have noticed another benefit as well; a smaller waistline.

What to Expect

Typically, a body wrap starts with exfoliation by way of a salt scrub or dry brushing.  The individual who is having his or her body wrapped, has the arms, legs, neck and torso cloaked in special cloths that have been previously soaked in a specialized mixture of ingredients.  Essential minerals like oils and sea salts as well as other natural ingredients are utilized during the wrap to supply the body with exfoliating scrub.  The ingredients assist in improving the appearance and texture of the skin, while the body is being cleansed through the detoxification process.  It is important to note that body wraps use only natural ingredients and are therefore safe.

To prepare for treatment, a thermal blanket, which assists in emptying unnecessary interstitial fluid or the fluid that is found in between the body tissues and promoting perspiration, is created by snugly wrapping the cloths around the body.  Sometimes results are immediately noticeable.

While snugly bundled, the client peacefully lies as the wrap starts to work.  Most individuals experience a warm sensation as the body starts to sweat out toxins and excess fluids.  Many are of the belief that this process is responsible for melting off a few inches.  However, interstitial fluids and toxins re-accumulate; therefore, regular body wraps could supply longer term benefits.

The popularity of body wraps has grown exponentially, largely due to its weight loss feature.  This has resulted in body wraps being made available for at-home use.

Choosing Your Parental Control Software

child with laptopThe parental control software is a handy tool to help parents guide their children. These programs or online services can filter web or gaming content that are inappropriate for young children or provide a monitoring system to enable parents to watch their kids. There are a lot of these programs out on the market and you need just the right parental control software. Here are some features that you should look for to help you choose the best control software for your family.
Before we proceed to the features, it is best to discuss the parental control software with your children before implementing them. Trust and clear communication is as important as guiding your children’s media preferences.
First, the program should have settings depending on your child’s age. Children should be allowed to more websites as they mature. As such, the software should be able to provide more leeway to say, a 13-year old, compared to 7 year old kids.
Aside from websites, some programs also have features that block certain applications from running whenever the child access the computer or console game. This is handy if you own gaming systems that have games that are more appropriate for older audiences.
You should also get one that enables you to remotely access your child’s computer. The software would alert you whenever your child accesses a forbidden site or if someone is attempting to change its settings in your child’s computer.
It also should have a scheduling feature to limit your child’s web access and help them focus on their tasks at home or at school.
The program should also have a logging feature that shows you the websites that your child has been visiting. Parents do have busy lives so logs are a handy way of reviewing their children’s web access history.
Price is also a clear concern when it comes to these programs and preferences vary. Usually both free and commercial programs can be useful for protecting your child’s interests. Free software is beneficial for someone who is in a tight budget. Commercial programs on the other hand benefit from a stronger customer service system that can quickly assist you with any concerns.